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Algebra Math Worksheets

In this section, you can view and download all of our algebra worksheets. Browse by common-core grade, age or theme and download the editable worksheets instantly.

Algebra Worksheets & Study Resources:

Brief Definition

Algebra is one of the branches of Mathematics that deals with symbols and their operations. Algebra helps us represent unknown quantities and display variables using letters such as x, y, and z. By using these, we can create algebraic expressions and equations to solve simple to complex problems. One of the essential skills that a learner must develop in this branch is manipulation. This process involves expressing algebraic expressions into more straightforward forms for more accessible and manageable calculations. Aside from this, learners must also understand laws and rules that will help them obtain the correct answer from algebra-typed exercises. 

Importance of the topic:

Algebra is a broad branch of mathematics. It has sub-branches, namely: pre-algebra, elementary algebra, abstract algebra, and universal algebra. Understanding algebra does not only mean understanding the branch itself. Calculus, Trigonometry, and Geometry also have topics that use the fundamental concepts of Algebra to solve for the correct answer. Aside from that, solving problems related to Algebra improves one’s logical and critical thinking. At some point, it also enhances the ability of our brain to think creatively when we do the manipulation of algebraic expressions. The significance of learning the topic will benefit the learners to grasp more complex lessons as their grade level progresses.

Application of the Learned Topic in Life

Algebra is incomplete without variables. In algebra, a variable is any symbol that represents an unknown value. It is helpful to know the profit we earn by selling several goods or items. It helps us determine the expected number of Covid-19 cases in a month or year. Algebra allows us to understand the increase or decrease of demand and supply in economics. It provides an estimated area or perimeter of an object given its dimensions. In general, Algebra has many applications in our lives.