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Algebraic Expressions Math Worksheets

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Algebraic Expressions Worksheets & Study Resources:

Brief definition
Algebraic expressions are mathematical expressions composed of constants and
variables combined by algebraic operations. This topic is the foundation of learning algebra, as succeeding lessons are much related to this concept. With its complex underlying principles, algebraic expressions are taught initially in 6th grade. Here, learners are given the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of algebraic expressions. It starts with identifying the parts of an algebraic expression as well as writing, interpreting, and evaluating algebraic expressions.

As they move forward towards middle school, learners use these basic skills to add, subtract, multiply, and divide algebraic expressions. They also apply their understanding of these lessons to solve real-life problems and to interpret certain phenomena.

At the high school level, learners make use of their understanding of algebraic expressions to create models or expressions that will define certain phenomena. They must also acquire a proficient level of computation and manipulation of algebraic expressions. This will also be their step-ladder towards a much more extensive advanced algebra lesson.

Importance of the Topic
Algebraic expressions play a critical role in learning mathematics and in mathematics in general. In order to make a big leap and do well in mathematics, learners are expected to be able to read and write expressions and to be skilled in computations and manipulations of algebraic expressions.
In teaching algebraic expressions, educators should make the learners realize that it is considered the language of mathematics because it is used to explain relationships between people’s perspectives, elements, and structures. The power and beauty of algebra to express generality, describe relationships between variables and constants, and explore possibilities in a playful and creative way must be treated as a top priority. While at school, learners must show appreciation of the purpose of learning about algebraic expressions and how they relate to real life, apart from passing mathematics examinations.

Application of the Learned Topic in Life
Despite the abstract concept that algebraic expressions have, this lesson has various applications in life. As you assign a variable for an unknown value when identifying the measurement of a particular lot area, that is actually an example of algebraic expressions. You can also use algebraic expressions to represent musical notes, forces of gravity, and the behavior of some chemical concepts. This lesson is also applicable when you want to know the value of a particular item given its weight or volume by substituting a certain value for the identified variable.