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Angles Math Worksheets

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Angles Worksheets & Study Resources:

Brief definition
Angle can be defined as the figure formed by two rays meeting at a common endpoint called a vertex. Angle measures the amount of turn of its rays in degrees. This topic is initially taught at 4th grade or age 8 – 10. The basic concepts of angle discuss the parts of an angle, the way it is measured and constructed, the different classification based on its measurement, etc.

The discussion of angles extends up to middle school as the details about it get more complex. As the grade level progresses, topics about angle focus on its relationship to polygons. Specifically, the unique attribution of a polygon depending on the sum of its interior and/or exterior angles. Also, another perspective about angles is being used as the skeleton of Trigonometry. Some topics in Trigonometry highlight the importance of the existence of angles to prove some trigonometric concepts.

Importance of the Topic
The topics involving angles play a significant role in knowing the concept of degrees. In addition, lessons about it enrich the underlying concepts of polygons and other geometric concepts. We can actually classify polygons depending on the sum of their angles; that is why angles can be considered as one of the foundations of learning Geometry.

Application of the Learned Topic in Life
Certainly, angles have various applications in real-life settings. There are specific careers or jobs that make the concepts of angle useful in their fields. For example, engineers, architects, and other construction-related jobs apply the concepts of angles to create roads, buildings, houses, real estate properties, monuments, etc. Carpenters use protractors to accurately measure the perfect angle to create beds, sofas, tables, chairs, etc. In some recreational activities such as camping and hiking, angles play a significant role in a safer journey. The aforementioned fields are just a few of the renowned applications of angles in life.