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Volume Math Worksheets

In this section, you can view and download all of our volume worksheets. These include common-core aligned, themed and age-specific worksheets. Perfect to use in the classroom or homeschooling environment.

Volume Worksheets & Study Resources:

Brief definition
The volume of an object is a measurement of how much space it occupies. A quantity indicates the space occupied by a three-dimensional object and determines how much liquid or how many physical objects a person can fit into it. Volumes vary depending on the shape and measure in cubic units.

Importance of the Topic
Volume is one of the basic foundations of geometry. Learning volume can also be used in higher mathematics, such as finding the volume of curved figures. It recalls the concepts of length, width and height and connects these. This is also a way to enhance the ability in visualizing estimations, measurements and areas.

Application of the Learned Topic in Life
Finding the volume of an object can help determine the amount of water needed to fill a bottle, a glass, a water tank or an aquarium. Learners can determine how many items can be placed in a particular box or shape, compare objects with different dimensions and identify which one is bigger. Another specific application, volume, also helps you determine the length, width and height of a rectangular box that you will make to put your boxes of toys with different dimensions.